Price ID Scanner - IDVisor M310 Age Verification Customer Relationship Management

Man Cok // Sunday, September 22, 2013

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ID Scanner - IDVisor M310 Age Verification Customer Relationship Management

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Product Details

  • Brand:
  • Model: IDVisor M310
  • Display size: 3.5


  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) features
  • Fast operation - about 1 second per scan/swipe
  • Anti Pass-Back capability detects shared IDs.
  • Customer visit count - know if their first or tenth visit.

Product Description

The IDVisor 310 ID Scanner is a rugged, handheld ID scanner that goes beyond verifying age and helps to manage customer relationships.It is the ideal ID scanner for clubs, bars, concert venues or any business checking customer age while building customer relationships. It quickly reads and records IDs from all 50 US States, Canada and Military IDs. [*Georgia from November 2009 onward and Quebec from February 2009 onward.]Offers many industry-first innovations: visit counter for each customer, email and phone capture, custom tagging, searchable and editable database. All information can be easily exported to Excel. It is the ideal ID scanner for clubs.Simply turn it on and it's ready to check IDs at your club. Swipe or dunk a license into the reader and the ID checker calculates and displays the age. Visual warnings help the operation correctly verify age.The IDVisor 310 ID Scanner reads both 2D Barcodes and Magnetic Stripe IDs.